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The Jam Session: Little Axe

On a warm summer afternoon, Glenn Brooks, Jason Staczek, Mark Oppfelt and Scott Boggan listened to music accompanied by Thomas Kemper Weizenberry, a raspberry flavored wheat beer.

Little Axe The Wolf that House Built (the review)
All of us had heard this CD before.

Ride On
M.Right on.
S.How does this album wear, do you think?
J.I enjoy listening to the first two cuts. The rest kind of disappear into the ether for me.
S.Right. That's what my reaction was. The initial idea really grabbed me - high tech dance music married with the old time blues masters. But...
J.It feels like the idea got spent quick.
S.Yeah. I think they could have done cooler blues samples and had more of them.
G.More of the samples, and less of the...
J.The dub...
S.Right, 'cause the blues voices are what I enjoyed the most about the album.
J.The overdubbed soul vocals by Skip McDonald, I guess, are great.
S.Now these are the guys who were in Tackhead, right?
G.Adrian Sherwood and...
S....and Skip McDonald.
M.A good CD to put on as background schlock.
G.As the resident middle-ager I have say it's damn hard to read liner notes in little tiny white type in italics against a dark background.
S.All knocked out, black out of grays. It's the Raygun thing.
J.They want to make sure only folks under thirty read the magazine.

The Time Has Come
J.This is good music to talk about other things.
S.Well it's interesting. I see a similarity to Us 3, the acid jazz thing. But that seems to appeal more to a black audience, where this seems to be aimed more at a white audience.
J.There's definitely a new age influence on this cut that's not going to appeal to a hip crowd.
M.Vangelis. When I hear this I would never think house music.
J.It seems like they pegged it in the first one, right on. They got the full concept right on the head.
G.It sounds like they did the first cut and said "Hey this is great, let's do a whole CD. How much time can we get in the studio? Gee, that's not enough - oh well, let's get what we can."
S.This is good music for cooking eggs.
M.Good music to make monkey love by.
S.We're revealing some age differences here....
G.Yeah, I think this would be music for taking a big hot bubble bath.
J.I thought you we're going to say something else...
M.Yeah, take the Sunday paper and hit the can...
J.I can definitely say I would not like this CD in the can.

G.This is just Tackhead with blues samples.
M.I don't know Tackhead.
G.You've heard the CD, you know Tackhead.

Wolf Story
J.Do you have any Roy Smeck?
G.No, I don't. I have some Gabby Pahinui.
J.I can hear the ocean....

Hear My Cry
J.I've lost the Wolf here.
M.The Wolf's gone. I dunno where we are.
S.A curry restaurant in London somewhere. I saw a review in Rolling Stone that gave this like four stars. In a group review, a sidebar.
M.Four stars? That's mighty generous.

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