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Terry Evans
 Puttin' It Down, Audioquest Music CD AQ-CD1038

 100% soul from top to bottom

Oh my, oh my is this fine! Terry Evans has a  great soul voice, and it just seems to be getting better. Combine his earthy singing with the all star backup provided here, especially Ry Cooder's inimitable slide guitar, and you've got one mighty tasty album.

Most of the songs are original by Evans or others on the album, and they are fine indeed. "Money in Your Pocket" kicks the proceedings off properly, with great vocals and a tight arangement (unfortunately uncredited, as are they all). The songs cover your basic soul themes of love and betrayal and making it out alive, but the main delight here is Evans' superb voice. The cover of J.B. Lenoir's "Down in Mississippi" is a real standout, with Evans growling out the lyrics with chilling force. This is not just a voice, this is a physical force. Ry takes an outstanding solo on this song, as he does on several others. The album closes with the sorrowful and defiant "Blues No More," Ry setting the mood, Jim Keltner letting his cymbals ring like gongs, and Evans beginning by whispering the lyrics, then swelling as the organ and trombone and others join in. "I won't let you make me sing the blues no more." Indeed.

The superb music is matched by the outstanding sound, recorded live to analog two-track for the most part, with just a few overdubs. Evans sounds downright physical. Ry Cooder has been on some outstanding recordings, but I don't think I've heard his guitar recorded better than here. Jim Keltner's drum set is also well captured. It is a real treat to hear good drums on a CD for a change. The album is available on LP as well as CD, but I don't have an LP copy so I can't tell you the differences. But if past Audioquest releases are anything to go by, it may be even a bit better. So, either format, buy it! --Glenn Brooks

production notes & song titles
Terry Evans, vocals, acoustic guitar; Ray Williams, vocals; Jorge Calderon, bass; Horace Powell, keyboards; Ry Cooder, guitar; Joachim Cooder, percusssion; Jim Keltner, drums; George Bohanon, trombone; Jeff Alviani, keyboards; Ken Scandlyn, guitar, harmonica; Jesse Samsel, guitar; Phil Bloch, drums.

Produced by Joe Harley, with Terry Evans and Jorge Calderon, recorded by Michael C. Ross, mastered by Bernie Grundman. 1995 release. (52:33)

Money in Your Pocket | Too Many Ups and Downs | Walking in the Same Tracks | Down in Mississippi | In this Day and Time | Rooftop Tomcat | A Lover Like You | One Sided Love Affair | Nasty Doll | Blues No More

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