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The Jam Session: k. d. lang

 Glenn Brooks, Jason Staczek, Scott Boggan and Mark Oppfelt do some semi-serious listening accompanied by Pyramid Snow Cap Ale and Ballard Brewing Company Winterhook.

k. d. lang  All You Can Eat (the review)
 Mark had heard this CD

S Mentos?
J You know, the Canadian candies.
G Speaking of Canadians, do you want to do k. d. next?
J She's not from Canadia!?
S Yes, she is!
J What part is she from?
S She's from some small town in, I dunno...
G She's from Cowgirly.

"If I Were You"
S So, in this episode, k. d. undergoes the transformation from Torch and Twang, to what, torch singer?
M It's not country at all. Ingenue moved away from the Torch and Twang sound into some more of the jazzy type stuff. And this is even simpler--the bass line is even more prominent, up front.
J I didn't know you were a k. d. lang scholar!
M What do you mean a scholar?
J You just said more about k. d. lang than I've heard anyone say.
S Here's to k. d. lang!
(clinks around)
G So how deep are you into k. d.?
M I dig her. I really do.
S Well, this sounds kinda...
J Conventional
S Yeah.

J That's a pathetic sounding snare drum.
M Yeah, the production pushes all that stuff in the back and brings the bass and voice up front.
G Yeah. Kind of throbby.
S Throbby?
M I listened to it before I came over tonight, and I hadn't heard it in about two weeks, and it's one of those ones that just grows on you. It's a background CD, throw it on, it grows on you.

"You're OK"
S I want a translation on the Chinese on this cover.
G Gee, it probably says "All You Can Eat."
S I think it might say something else.
M It says "All You Can Eat."
J I didn't know you read Chinese.
M I took two quarters of Mandarin.
S Not only is he a k. d. lang scholar, but he reads Mandarin!
G This is pretty mellow.
M Well, it's k. d. lang, what do you expect? You want Butch Vig to be producing her?
G It would be appropriate.

S Opie, c'mon tell me. You don't look like the typical k. d. lang fan.
M I think she's got one of the great voices, and if she were not a lesbian she'd be way more popular than she is now.
J She's hugely popular!
M I don't think so. I don't see her videos on MTV or VH-1 ever. I think she'd be much bigger.
J This is nice. I think I'd put this on.
S You know, I think this is a jam session born of winter ales. If we'd gone with a light and merry deck beer, we'd be into this.
G Maybe that's it. This CD came out at the wrong time of the year.
M I feel better about this jam session than our last one.
J It's the ale.
G It's definitely the ale.

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