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The Subdudes
 Primitive Streak, High Street Records 72902 10344-2, 1996 (49:49)

 Cool 'dudes

The Subdudes sport a sometimes rockin', sometimes soulful countryish r&b sort of sound with John Magnie's accordion in there reminding us of their New Orleans roots. Tight vocal harmonies and Tommy Malone's snazzy guitar work and lead vocals are also keys to their signature sound. On their fourth album, the 'dudes really seem to be hitting their stride. They serve up an eclectic selection of thirteen originals proving adept at shifting gears from mellow and introspective numbers like "She" and "Lonely Soldier" to the rambunctious "Love Somebody" without ever losing their identity. Among the numerous guest artists on this album are Willie Williams (of gospel's Zion Harmonizers) who lends a vocal hand on the very fine five-part harmony in "Carved in Stone" and "Faraway Girl," and Bonnie Raitt who shows up for a short, but satisfying, duet with Malone on "Too Soon to Tell." As a point of reference, I'd say it's a safe bet that Los Lobos fans will dig these guys. --  Heather Preston

 Jason Staczek says... Besides, they've got such a dang cool name.

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