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Daniel Tashian
 Sweetie, Elektra CD 61741, 1996 (44:31)

 Engaging debut

This is singer-songwriter Daniel Tashian's debut disk, produced by T-Bone Burnette. Tashian writes the kind of catchy, mid-tempo rock 'n' roll that's increasingly hard to find these days. The vocals and guitar work are reminiscent of the toned-down jingle-jangle of Roger McGuinn on the underrated Back from Rio. It's a pleasant mix that brings to mind the traditional bridal outfit: something old, something new... the kind of well digested American music done so well by bands like the BoDeans. At first, I found the CD enjoyable, but unmemorable. After the second time around, I was snared by the many subtle hooks and found myself drawn back to the melodies later in the day. What more can you ask from this kind of music? --  Bill Kuhn

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