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Lynne Arriale Trio
 When You Listen, Digital Music Productions, CD-511, 1995 (63:13)

Deeply-felt piano brilliance

Adjectives sound all too weak in trying to convey the essence of jazz pianist Lynne Arriale. She has an exquisite sense of touch which makes her sound like no one I've heard before. A subtle brilliance is especially evident when she's playing gentle ballads such as the title track and "In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning." Somewhat paradoxically, Arriale's playing is both pensive and emotional whether she's performing an original composition or Irving Berlin's "How Deep is the Ocean." Arriale's fingers adroitly deliver what she certainly must passionately feel in her heart and soul. On "Waiting & Watching," my favorite, her playing is especially succinct and crisp. This is just the second recording for the talented performer-composer-arranger, but she's about to go back to the recording studio. The more I listen to When You Listen, the more I hear, and perhaps this is what Arriale intended when choosing the title for her CD. Because when you listen, especially on successive listenings, you'll really begin to hear the depth and emotional clarity Arriale delivers. Give it a listen yourself. -  Mark Craemer

production notes & song titles

Lynne Arriale, piano; Drew Gress, bass; Steve Davis, drums.

Produced by Lynne Arriale and Tom Jung; recorded by Tom Jung.

How Deep Is the Ocean | My Shining Hour | Waiting & Watching | Bess, You Is My Woman Now | You and the Night and the Music | Slinky | Lonely Woman | Seven Steps to Heaven | When You Listen | I Love a Calypso | In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

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