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The Pogues
 Pogue Mahone, Mesa/Warner CD 92684-2, 1996

Pardon my Gaelic

The latest from the Pogues (the title means "kiss my ass") continues their weird amalgam of traditional Irish folk songs, twisted around a pop/punk sensibility - or is it traditional pop and punk with trapping of Irish folk music? To add to the confusion, "Amadie" is a half-French Cajun stomp. This is the first Pogues effort since Shane MacGowan was sacked for taking the stumbling, slurring stupor a bit too far. Spider Stacy has taken over lead vocals, singing with a similarly garbled brogue. There's quite a range of music here, all filtered through the patented Pogue approach. "I Love You Til the End" is a lovely ballad chant, somewhat in the style of U2's "With or Without You". There's also the occasional speedy, bouncy Irish stomp, a Bob Dylan song, and a composition co-written with Appollinare, the former associate of the former Prince. This is the kind of stuff that's easy to hate, but just as easy to love - and I'm with the latter group. -  Bill Kuhn

production notes & song titles

Spider Stacy, vocals; Jem Finer, guitar, banjo, hurdy gurdy; Jamie Clarke, guitar; Darryl Hunt, bass guitar, backing vocals; Andrew Ranken, drums; James McNalley, accordian, whistle, piano; David Coulter, fiddle.

Produced by Shane Brown.

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