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Red Red Meat
 Bunny Gets Paid, SubPop CD SP 318b, 1995

Protein-rich bluesy rock

Turning conventional influences on their ear, Chicago's Red Red Meat mix noisy rock and blues with an unerring ear for melody. Bunny Gets Paid, their second SubPop release, features a hypnotic wall of fuzzed out guitars colored with bluesy vibrato, acoustic slide guitar, and various sound effects. Their oblique song titles and half-murmured, phantom vocals make it impossible to figure out what the hell they're singing about. Overall, the effect is spacey and sometimes tense, much like the Velvet Underground. The acoustic scratch of "Carpet of Horses" is a vintage Spaceman 3 head trip, complete with droning organ. "Chain Chain Chain" borrows a leitmotif from Aretha and comes up with a fuzz-drenched pop number, with careening guitar breaks and lyrics that obliquely rail against the ties that bind ("Feel like sex and talk like 25/Heat makes you cross/Makes you cross"). "Rosewood, Wax, Volts + Glitter" is a dirty slab of guitar noise that sludges and stomps along until the choruses, when a gloriously optimistic riff pirated from the Beatles' "Day Tripper" brings everything into focus. "Idiot Son" marries a morose, flanged guitar riff with a razorsharp slide guitar. There are a few pieces of gristle. Take away the melodic touch and blues colorings that make RRM unique, and you end up with a lazy mood piece like "Variations on Nadia's Theme." For that reason,  Jimmywine Majestic, their first SupPop release, holds a definite edge in terms of songwriting. All the same, after a few spins this one ought to stick to your ribs. -  Scott Boggan

production notes & song titles

Tim Rutili, vocals, guitar; Matt Fields, bass; Tim Hurley, guitar; Ben Massarella, drums.

Produced by Brad Wood.

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