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Rainravens,  DejaDisc CD DJD 3226, 1996 (50:03)

Good, as far as it goes

The promotional blurb included with this disc reads, "A four piece band from Austin, Texas, Rainravens play acoustic rock centered around exquisite harmonies and superb original songs. Rainravens, the band’s self-titled debut album has all the hallmarks of an instant classic, effortlessly melding folk, country and pop...this band delivers one finely honed original after another with intelligence and heart." Sort of, I say. However, extract a couple key adjectives like "exquisite" and "superb," oh, and that part about an "instant classic," and suddenly you begin to get a fairly accurate description of this CD. As for the part about the "finely honed" originals, think of a blade so sharp you might not realize you’re cutting.

Don’t get me wrong. This is pleasant enough southern-flavored country rock featuring energetic acoustic guitars and solid vocal harmonies. With singable songs running the gamut from love lost to hope and renewal, you could throw this on at a party with little fear of offending your guests. Rainravens have potential. With an extra dash of grit or a few more dings in the blade, maybe their sophomore effort will, in fact, take a slice at becoming an "instant classic."–  Heather Preston

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