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Benny Golson Group
Remembering Clifford,  Milestone CD MCD-9278-2, 1998

 Everlasting jazz

The "Clifford" of the album title is trumpeter Clifford Brown, the jazz trumpeter who died in 1956. Golson not only remembers Brown for the music he left behind, but also because they both played together in Tadd Dameron’s band. For Golson, Brown was both a peer and a friend. In tribute to Brown, Golson opens up this recording with a song called "Brown Immortal," which announces to all that Brown’s inspiring influence will never fade away. This softly swinging tune spotlights Golson’s aged smoky tenor tones. Golson is joined by Ron Blake on tenor saxophone, John Swana filling the big shoes on trumpet, Mike Ledonne at the piano, Peter Washington on bass and Joe Farnsworth on drums.

But Clifford Brown is not the only musician to receive a tribute on this release. Percussionist Tito Puente also joins in on his own party for a song called, simply enough, "Tito Puente." With it, pianist Mike Ledonne really shines. Momentum carries him swiftly, like a raft on the roaring rapids, through one memorable solo turn at the song’s beginning.

The album closes with the almost orchestral "Ever More," which once again presses home the point that the music of Clifford Brown (and of all great musicians, for that matter) is everlasting, which is always a good reminder for our short-attention-span generation.– Dan MacIntosh


Gregory Tardy, tenor saxophone; Tom Harrell or Russell Gunn, trumpet; Mulgrew Miller or Aaron Goldberg, piano; Reginald Veal, bass; Eric Harland, drums.

production notes

Produced by Steven Schenfeld; recorded and Mixed by Joe Ferla.

song titles

Forgiveness • Blues to Professor Pickens • JL’s Wish • Ah-ite • Prisoner of Love • The Fractar Question • Whenever, Wherever, Whatever • Serendipity • Ask Me Now

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