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Big Sandy
Dedicated to You,  Hightone Records CD HCD 8092, 1998

 Sandy does doo-wop

Before the media age reduced the re cording industry to one big local music scene, there existed regional music pockets that were almost like musical universes unto themselves. On  Dedicated To You, Big Sandy, moonlighting from his normal gig with the Fly-Rite Boys, has created a sweet remembrance of the Los Angeles R&B scene, which thrived from the ’50s to the early ’60s. Instead of indulging his passion for rocakabilly, western swing and country music, vocalist Big Sandy crosses the tracks to walk a few miles in his soul shoes.

Helping Sandy re-live this era are the Calvanes and Dewey Terry, from Don and Dewey. In fact, Sandy was even able to record the Don and Dewey oldie-but-goodie, "I’m Leavin’ It All Up To You," for this album. The sound of this album ranges from the doo-wop vocalizing of "Lonely Guy," to the splish-splashing old school rock & roll of "Pretty Girls Everywhere." Not a hint of irony or angst to be found in the bunch.

Big Sandy is clearly enjoying himself here, as he climbs back inside the jukebox at his local malt shop. Along with his other musical pursuits, Big Sandy is obviously a man out of time. But this kind of nostalgic innocence is nevertheless a charming little walk down memory lane.– Dan MacIntosh

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