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James Carter
In Carterian Fashion,  Atlantic CD 83082-2, 1998

 The classic organ combo reinvented

Tenor saxophonist James Carter may not have a household name like the giants who were around when jazz was king, but among his contemporaries, this powerful player deserves to be listed among the best. Here, he channels the musical wisdom of organist Jimmy Smith as he rotates a trio of Hammond masters (Cyrus Chestnut, Henry Butler and Craig Taborn) on this ten-song trip through keyboard coolsville.

Carter has always been a smart cookie, but on this release he reaches for the soul instead of relying upon the cerebellum. This results in an album which swings hard, and brings out instrumental squeals of delight, especially with "Frisco Follies," which threatens to just explode with passion.

For many, the organ is only remembered for its role in church, and in old Stax records. But Carter wants any and all to know that this time-honored instrument is just as jazzy as the golden sax he blows. With  In Carterian Fashion, Carter makes a fashion statement about why the organ deserves to be an evergreen accessory for every jazz generation.– Dan MacIntosh

 Glenn Brooks says... I wish Craig Taborn didn’t somehow make his Hammond sound like a Wurlitzer, resulting in something like  Jazz at the Roller Rink.

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