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The Hot Club of Cowtown
Swingin’ Stampede,  Hightone Records CD HCD 8094, 1998

 Where there’s a Wills, there’s a way

While swing music seems to be all the rage today, few of its participants appear to remember that many country musicians also knew (and know) how to swing. Until now. With  Swingin’ Stampede, The Hot Club of Cowtown serves to remind us dance floor hoofers that Bob Wills is also one of this form’s pioneers. A good chunk of these songs were either written or recorded by Wills, including "My Confession" and "End of the Line." But these Hot Club country folk are just as comfortable in a supper club as they are in a barn, as they reveal with the sophisticated-like "Somebody Loves Me" by George Gershwin

It’s no small compliment to have Johnny Gimble–originally a member of Bob Wills Texas Playboys–along for this recorded ride. You just gotta be doing something right to get a western swing originator like him on board. The Hot Club of Cowtown may not catch the attention of the trendy young swing set, and they may not be popular (yet), but at least they’re authentic.– Dan MacIntosh

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