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The Osborne Brothers
Pinecastle Records CD PRC 1085, 1998 (38:18)

Bluegrass pioneer roots

Dan Macintosh

The album notes call this the "first in a four-part series documenting the career of The Osborne Brothers." From Hyden, Kentucky-the brothers' birthplace-on up to fame and semi-fortune at the Ryman auditorium for their regular slot at the  Grand Ole Opry.

The CD's notes probably tell you more about the career of Sonny and Bobby Osborne than you really need to know, including a timeline which begins with Bobby's birth in December of 1931, and concluding with the duo's induction into the IBMA Hall of Honor in 1995.

All one really needs to know about these bluegrass pioneers can be found in the music itself. Brotherly harmonies from baritone Sonny Osborne and tenor Bobby Osborne are what really tell this special tale of history.

Whether it be with gospel ("Leaning on the Everlasting Arms") or family reminiscences ("A Child Again," "Picture on the Wall"), the Osborne Brothers cherish bluegrass traditions as a family would treasure its family bible.

The liner notes point out how the Osbornes' small town hasn't changed much since this duo's beginning. Their music has also probably stayed just as much the same. Odds are you can still hear these two bringing the pride of Hyden, Kentucky front and center to the Ryman auditorium for the  Grand Ole Opry, on any given Saturday night.

performers  Bobby Osborne, mandolin, tenor sax, vocals; Sonny Osborne, banjo, baritone, vocals, producer; Glen Duncan, fiddle; Terry Eldredge, guitar, tenor sax; Terry Smith, bass, vocals; Gene Wooten, guitar, vocals;

songs  Ruby · Hero of the Creek · I'll Just Pretend · Leaning on the Everlasting Arms · Child Again · Picture on the Wall · Older He Got, the Better He Was · Grandpaw's Radio · Great Speckled Bird · Savior Save Me from Myself · Little Cabin Home on the Hill · There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving... · Old Friend of Mine

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