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Sunnyland Slim
She Got a Thing Goin' On
Earwig CD 4942, 1998 (44.:34)

Sideman struts

Dan Macintosh

When most of us think about great blues and jazz musicians, we usually picture artists who attract the spotlight, instead of those who shun it. Sunnyland Slim's primary claim to fame is that of an accompanist, who's probably best known for his work with singer Ma Rainey.

This collection, which picks and chooses selections from his output with the Airway label, presents Slim along with the divas Bonnie Lee, "Big Time" Sarah Streeter, and Zora Young. Sessions range between 1974 and 1983, and feature a large number of different sidemen.

Although these singers probably wouldn't feel as confident and comfortable without Slim's presence, they're generally still The Show here. Except for exceptions, like "See My Lawyer" where Slim takes the lead vocal, his contributions are upstaged by his feminine companions.

Slim certainly doesn't embarrass himself here, but there are probably better forums than this one to appreciate what he does best. Read the credits carefully, if you'd like to introduce yourself to Slim's sounds.

performers  Sunnyland Slim, piano, vocals; and others too numerous to mention;

songs  She Got a Thing Goin' On · Sad and Evil Woman · Long Tall Daddy · Rockin' My Bluew Away · Bus Station Blues · Tryin' to Make a Living · See My Lawyer · Darling Yes I Love You · Feel Like Stroking · Goin' Down Slow · Big Time Operator · Done You Wrong · She Got the Jive · Black Cat Cross My Trail

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