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The Cash Brothers
How Was Tomorrow
Zoe Records CD 01143 1019-2, 2001 (39:29)

Sibling revelry

Dan Macintosh, 31 July 2001

When The Cash Brothers sing "I'm just driving around listening to Nebraska" in a song simply titled "Nebraska," any self-respecting music fan immediately knows what great musical taste this duo has, since Springsteen's Nebraska is one of the most starkly beautiful albums ever created. Period.

Nebraska - the album - is not for throwin' down a few of the cold filtereds and dancing as if nobody's watching. Instead, it's an accompaniment for manic depression, such as when your girl tells you you're not the one, as she says to the character in "Nebraska" - the song.

For the most part, How Was Tomorrow is gently solemn stuff. But in places, such as on the twisty-lined and amplified-guitared "Nerve," these brothers Cash break out some breathtakingly wonderful extra Byrds-y influenced Tom Petty-esque folk rock.

Its sound is closer to rock influenced by real country life than mere country rock, which makes it ring all the more true. Not only is Cash the brothers' real names - and a last name which also belongs to the larger than life Johnny Cash - but they're also real brothers. So we get that sibling harmony that can't be re-created by mere friends.

The album sports a few intriguing songs, like a look at life from behind the counter at a convenience store with "Night Shift Guru." Due to its gut level honesty, it also reads like one of the best songs Paul Westerberg never wrote. This is followed aptly by "Guitar Strings and Foolish Things," which is nothing if not a daydream put to music. It's propelled nicely by brotherly harmonies and clip-clopping acoustic guitars.

When it comes to artistic investment, the Cash Brothers are a sure thing. Like money in the bank.

performers  Andrew Cash, Organ, Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Fender Rhodes; Kim Bullard, Keyboards; Josh Freese, Drums; John Pierce, Bass; Peter Cash, Guitar, Vocals; Lenni Jabour, Piano, Keyboards; Todd Lumley, Piano, Keyboards; Jason Sinay, Guitar (Acoustic); Howie Beck, Drums; Damon Richardson, Drums; Hawksley Workman, Bass, Piano, Drums; Paul Taylor, Bass, Piano

songs  Raceway · Take a Little Time · Nebraska · The Only One · Nerve · Show Me the Reason · Night Shift Guru · Guitar Strings and Foolish Things · Awkward Game · I Am Waiting · Dream Awake

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