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About Jelly

Published from 1995-2003, Jelly focused on the best in blues, jazz, country, soul and rock'n'roll. Entertaining, knowledgeable articles and reviews that honored the great tradition of (mostly) American popular music, especially the stuff you won't easily find on the radio. This is an achive of all those Jelly articles. From Tracy Nelson to Los Lobos, Willie Nelson to Charlie Mingus - they're all here.

So, what's "jelly" got to do with it? Jazz musicians sometimes refer to the best part - of a tune, or a meal, or (especially) an amorous encounter - as "the jelly." In other words, the good stuff. And we like to believe it is related to the Mandingo word "djele," meaning a griot or storyteller. At the heart of America's many musics - soul, jazz, country, rock, the blues, funk, rock'n'roll, zydeco, rhythm'n'blues, pop, bluegrass and more - is a sound that is uniquely American while being deeply indebted to musics from around the world, especially Africa and the African diaspora. Listen up.

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