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Search Tips

The search engine Jelly uses, from, will find pages containing words close to those you are looking for. It is forgiving of misspellings, and will find related words (like "snowy" if you search for "snow"). But it sometimes finds more pages than you might like.

To get precise results from a search, try the following.

Put phrases in quotes

To find words which must appear in a certain order, put them in quotation marks. For example, searching for
  "our queer old dean"
will find that exact phrase, but searching for
  our queer old dean
will find pages that contains any of these four words in any order or location.
Use plus (+) for required words
If a word or phrase must be included on the found page, put a plus sign directly in front of it (no spaces). For example, searching for
  +slide +guitar
will only find pages that contain both words, but searching for
  slide guitar
will also find pages that contain either word.
Capitalize proper nouns
Lowercase words will match any case. If you use uppercase letters anywhere in the word, only exact matches will be found. So,
matches dylan, Dylan, DYLAN and DylAn but
matches only Dylan.

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